European Young Engineers Explore, share, grow... together!

European Young Engineers (EYE) has been bringing people together and hosting conferences since 1994.

EYE was founded as a pan-European organisation to promote exchange between young Engineers and students across Europe. We are a network of volunteers from twenty organisations, representing fourteen countries in Europe. Our purpose is connecting people from different countries and helping them grow a personal network of friends, colleagues and potential employers.

We aim to achieve this by providing the opportunities for our members (which includes anyone who is a registered member of a member organisation) to meet at conferences and events. Our conferences are semi-formal events with workshops, lectures and seminars designed to help you develop your international business skills and discover new goals, with an emphasis on encouraging foreign placements, careers and cooperation. When possible conferences are held twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn and consist of cultural events, the aforementioned learning opportunities and a big EYE party on the second night! Our gala dinner has been held in some of the finest venues on the continent and we have been welcomed by prominent business, academic and political leaders from the cities that host our conferences. Each conference is organised by a team formed from one of our member organisations.

EYE have also partnered with Careers International to help deliver real employment opportunities in multi-national companies across Europe. These opportunities are in short supply but our members have been lucky enough to attend events with the likes of BASF, Honeywell and Altran. EYE also enjoy privileged access to events such as “Top Engineers” and “Top Women” run by Careers International.

What are EYE UK doing to support EYE?

Unlike most European countries the UK has a wealth of professional institutions, each responsible for their own particular branch of Engineering; if every UK institution was to become a member of EYE the Council would be much too large to be workable! UK institutions also vary significantly in size, and so may not be able to commit financially to send a delegation to each conference. For this reason we aim to be the representing member of the EYE Council for the UK, able to present a single point of contact to the Council and ensure that all organisations can become involved.

By becoming a member organisation to EYE we can offer all UK engineers the chance to register for conferences and become involved in volunteering for a truly international organisation.

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