Guess which reading list story is an April fool…

It’s April fools day already! The clocks have gone back, and there’s just under four weeks until the Hanover EYE conference. Book now if you haven’t already.


Your challenge for April fools day is to spot the April fools story in this weeks reading list.

3D printing from your mobile phone

A tech start-up has invented a device to 3D print objects directly from your mobile phone. They are currently running a KickStarter campaign that will allow you to get your hands on one.

Incredible uses of technology by refugees

You might have read front page news stories about the refugee crisis, but how many stories have you heard from refugees themselves. This episode of ‘click’ from the BBC explores innovative uses of technologies by people living in Jordans refugee camps. Prepare to be amazed.

Transparent wood used to build windows
Researchers from Stockholm in Sweden have developed transparent wood that could one day find its use in windows.

Space technology now reaching hospitals

Ultrasound monitoring techniques original invented for use by astronauts in space have found their way into French hospitals. The technology allows expert radiologists to perform diagnostic tests on patients remotely, avoiding the need for patients to travel.

World’s largest floating solar farm to start operating

One of London’s largest reservoirs, the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir in Walton-upon-Thames, is set to see the world’s largest floating solar farm start operation over the coming months. Over 23,000 panels will generate 6.3MW to power Thames Waters’ water treatment facilities.

Lexus improves driver safety
Engineers at Lexus have come up with an innovative way to improve driver safety. Check out their new video. 


Which story do you think is an April fool?