Reading List: 6 engineering videos to make you think

This fortnights list is more of a video list than a reading list. Pick a few and watch at your leisure. All are less than 5 minutes long.

  1. The future of transportation?  Students from Delft University of Technology have come runners up in a competition run by SpaceX to develop a Hyperloop transportation system.
  2. How do you build the highest suspension bridge in the world?  This video shows the construction of the 3rd Bosphorus suspension bridge
  3. How does a differential gear system work? Check out the video for an explanation.
  4. Europe Energy Union – the why, the what and the howThere has been much debate about the UK’s renegotiation with the EU over the past week. What could this mean for the prospects of the EU’s energy union?
  5. What does the new Apple HQ look like? Apple is currently constructing a huge campus. Drone footage has been released of the construction site. Watch this to find out where your next mobile phone might be designed. 
  6. Futuristic idea to liven up your office – the intelligent self-parking chair. To help improve consumer understanding of their parking technology, car manufacturer Nissan have applied parking technology to office furniture.